On cooking.stackexchange, a user without the rep to propose a tag merge noticed that we don't need both the tags and . I first created a synonym proposal pointing from brining to brine. After that, I noticed that there is also a "merge" link (possibly a mod-only functionality) and used it, merging brine into brining, creating a synonym while doing so. I didn't remove the old proposal before that, because I didn't see a way to do it.

As a result of this, now we seem to have been left with brining as a synonym of brining, which is confusing at least (maybe it also has side effects, but we haven't noticed them yet). I think it would be good if this can be prevented from happening somehow, so the next hapless mod can't repeat my mistake.

The merge request is on Can we add the synonym [brine] for [brining]?

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    One important and confusing point is that if you go via the synonym suggestion route linked from the tag itself, your mod powers don't work, you still only suggest a synonym. If you use the synonym page linked in the mod tools you immediately create a synonym without voting. I would recommend to generally use the /tags/synonyms page. You might also be able to delete the synonym suggestion there. – Mad Scientist Oct 13 '12 at 9:22

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