Maybe my question is duplicated throughout meta, but I don't know how to exactly phrase this, so sorry if we have dealt with it before.

I have seen many questions like this. The general question is how to install 64 bit enter your favorite python module? The answer is always this site. How do you deal with questions which have been answered before multiple times, but are not exactly duplicates?


You close them as duplicates.

Trivial differences shouldn't prevent questions with the same underlying problem and the same answer being closed as duplicates. This makes life easier for answerers because a single great answer serves many questions. This improves life for askers because they get the definitive, highly polished answer instead of an off-the-cuff response.

Obviously if a question about a particular module cannot be fully answered by the definitive response, the question should not be closed as a duplicate. Answers should discuss the differences for that module and make reference to the general answer as appropriate.

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