In stackoverflow.com, I have two logins:

  1. email as athos.liu@gmail.com,

  2. OpenID via facebook.

I started with 1) but later found 2) is quite convenient.

After login via facebook, click "logins":

enter image description here

Now, my office network blocked facebook, so I have to login Stack Overflow using the 1st account.

However I can't login using "athos.liu@gmail.com" anymore! It says "No account with this email found"!

enter image description here

How could I link my 2 accounts together, so that I can login via my email account in office?


Just go here: https://openid.stackexchange.com/account/register

...And create a SE OpenID account using that same email. It'll automatically let you into your account then.

Alternately, click the big "Log in with Google" button - since this is a Gmail email, it'll be automatically associated with your Google account (assuming you log in with that same email).


That both Facebook and the email are shown as your logins reflects the nature of SE's login system: when you log in with a "trusted" provider (Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, SE OpenID), the email associated with that account is automatically associated with your SE account as well - thus allowing you to log in with any other trusted provider that returns the same email.

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