There have been a few bugs with the Rep graph on the user profile page that cause it to display a different value than the actual Rep for the user...

  • The +100 Rep bonus from associating accounts across sites does not appear on the Rep graph, making it display 100 less than the true user Rep.

  • There was a bug I previously posted on uservoice having to do with offensive penalties. From the UV post:

    I recently noticed a user (#82118) who made a joke that was not very well received and got hit with a -100 penalty for offensiveness. They had already earned around 100 points from upvotes for it.

    When I looked at their reputation tracker on their profile, I noticed that the graph didn't agree with their reputation (the graph was much lower). Also, the list next to the graph showed "0" and "-100" next to the offending answer, instead of "100-ish" and "-100".

    It appears that the reputation tracker takes away all points earned AND subtracts 100, even though this is not what happens to the actual user reputation. The result is that the reputation tracker is below the actual reputation.


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There are still issues with the graph data, but the assocation award and offensive penalties, and bounties are showing up now.


I also noticed a bug in the rep graph. Here's a bug report I filed on UserVoice:

Look at the rep graph for this user:


While the profile page says that the user has a rep of 286, the graph seems to indicate that the user has a rep of -747. Adding up the numbers on the table to the right of the graph, it would seem the user should have a rep on or around -730, leading me to suspect that the number in the profile is inaccurate. Unless the user has a large (~1000) source of rep that's not present in the table/graph, I suspect that this person has conned the system into creating more bounties than their rep should allow.


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    While this clearly shows a bug with the Rep graph, I think this bug is more related to a failing of the bounty system. A user shouldn't be able to post bounties they can't cover. Have you seen this with other users? This should probably be a separate question/bug report. Commented Jul 5, 2009 at 22:05
  • If that's the case, then certainly - however, I haven't heard of any reports of this, so it's possible that it's just the graph. Commented Jul 5, 2009 at 22:08

I think that rep lost to bounties doesn't appear in the graph

  • The user Kyle mentions in his answer appears to have bounty costs included in his Rep graph, making his Rep graph negative even though his Rep (by definition) is not. Commented Jul 5, 2009 at 22:00

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