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How can I view the “hall of fame” page?

Would it be good to have a ranking system for say the top 1000/5000 users on SO?

First off I understand that something like this opens the floor up to a whole host of people sad enough to just try and get on the board.

But I feel that it would actually be helpful, because I often find myself looking at popular and high rep users because I know I can learn a lot from their content.

I also understand the philosophy of judging the answer not the answerer but, could it hurt?

What do you think?

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Great idea!

In fact, I've used a time machine to implement this in the past. Go find it at http://stackexchange.com/leagues

Why the time machine, you ask? Because I really wanted to compare myself over time and see if I've ever made it to first place. :-P

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