I just offered a bounty¹ and feel like the displayed message could be a lot improved:

  • No formatting support ?! (bullet points, please…)

  • I cannot edit the message : so much for typos, the missing paragraph break which makes the list awkwardly displayed, everything I think of just after posting, etc.

  • Previewing it would have prevented much of that.

And regarding the bounty display altogether:

  • In the question page, the bounty is barely visible on the bottom of it, that is, after some scrolling when the question is long.

  • The message explaining why the bounty is in a small font, whereas to me it's an important part of it (the few categories are not nearly precise enough to describe why a question could need some more attention).

¹ on French Language & Usage, for Translating some rare irregular verbs?

Here's what it looks like:


I can't quite believe there's SNAFU on SE, but my broken list looks terribly like it right now.