Was stackoverflow, stackexchange, etc just down and out for the past 30 mins?

I also tried to see the status on http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com and it confirmed that you guys were down for them too.

Feature-Request: Can there be a status ticker somewhere? or a heartbeat system like twitter has? Or like @tichodroma points out the FastMail quys

What if I can't open a Stack Exchange site?

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    +1 "Is there a status ticker somewhere? or a heartbeat system like twitter has?"
    – user177964
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:19
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    @Tichodroma yes - it's called "the users" who refresh the home page every couple of seconds.
    – ChrisF Mod
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:23
  • +1 Experienced same. Was going to post same and saw your question. Nov 8, 2012 at 13:24
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    @Tichodroma there is now StackStatus
    – Taryn
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:52
  • I'm pretty sure it's just a ploy to make me go back to doing my work. Both the site being down, and it's extreme slowness right now :)
    – Rachel
    Nov 8, 2012 at 14:07
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    @Rachel - unsurprisingly, THAT was the part that freaked me out!! an i now also need a new keyboard with a working F5 key ;)
    – bPratik
    Nov 8, 2012 at 14:14
  • I've been noticing that SO was going down a bit yesterday, and it just happened again a few minutes ago. Nov 8, 2012 at 19:16
  • It just happened again. Nov 8, 2012 at 20:51
  • @Luke - yes, it did.
    – bPratik
    Nov 8, 2012 at 20:55

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Stack Exchange was experiencing routing issues, from Nick Craver's twitter feed:

Nick_Craver: Our upstream provider was doing a OS upgrade on their core router, the switch to the backup caused the blip #stackoverflow #stackexchange

I generally check his feed when there are issues, as well as the ServerFault blog. I am not aware of a separate, dedicated status page for the network anywhere.

Edit: As just announced via Twitter there is now a dedicated Twitter account, a status page and access to the Pingdom status has been opened up:

  • The last blog update is from October 31st, 2012. That's not what I would call a status ticker :)
    – user177964
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:22
  • @Tichodroma: But major (planned) upgrades are being discussed there. Nov 8, 2012 at 13:23
  • True. But I'd like to see something like the FastMail quys have.
    – user177964
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:26
  • @MartijnPieters - yes, it's a great place to check up on planned events. If I am not mistaken, in the current blip, the whole Stack stack was down. Which is where the twitter posts you pointed out from Nick come into the picture. :)
    – bPratik
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:26
  • I quite agree it's a great idea to have a status page, but there isn't one available now, and I am not in a position to make that happen. :-) Just trying to help out by showing where I get my information from right now, without such a page. Nov 8, 2012 at 13:29
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    +1 honestly, thanks for the Nick link. :)
    – bPratik
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:31
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    @MartijnPieters there is a new way to monitor StackExchange status on twitter -- StackStatus
    – Taryn
    Nov 8, 2012 at 13:54
  • @bluefeet: Yup, found it as well. :-) Nov 8, 2012 at 13:59

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