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Support anchor names in posts

Following up on this answer, suggesting long answers to summarize their contents, I find it would be useful to be able to link to internal specific parts of a (long) post.

For instance, this kind of long answers are often very instructive, but also overwhelmingly wall-of-text-ish to be easily refered to. Headers do help (example), but if I want to emphasize the bottom list of the “On division by zero” section, you'll have to go dig it yourself.

Thus I request links to specific parts inside posts.

Separating lines as targets could do (numbering them), <here> could be an option… Anything making it possible to split answers into parts.

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    Unfortunately, it's not possible (and suggested many times before). I tried to look really hard when I posted a question + 2 self answers with over 40k characters. What I did was to insert a Table of Contents at the top of each answer with consistent number prefixes, so that one can use Ctrl+F to find the relevant section. – Rob W Nov 18 '12 at 11:48

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