I see two possible solutions:

  1. Put the answering form immediately below the question (in the collapsed state by default)
  2. Put a copy of the question near the answering form.

I often only have this problem when I'm editing my anwer after a comment or an edit to the question, else it's no problem to just scroll up to read it again.

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I would be against doubling the question near the answer form.

Often times I will just take care of this issue myself by opening up the question in a new tab or window so that I can have the answer pane available while still being able to see the question.

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Could there be anything wrong with placing the answer-form directly beneath the original-question, and simply not showing it until the user clicks "Answer," similar to when a user wants to answer their own question - a form isn't initially shown, until you indicate you wish to provide an answer.

That being said, I also think it would be wise to replicate the OQ on the answer-edit page.

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For those who are looking at this question and want the same thing: The greasemonkey script is there: Display the original question beneath the answer edit form (that's Jonathan Sampson's - thank you!)


completing this, as "show answer when editing" is now functional.

Display the original question beneath the answer edit form

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  • So we should answer the question quickly, then go back and edit it as soon as we post? – Phoshi May 8 '10 at 13:57