If you go to Tags tab on StackOverflow and type into the Type to find tags edit e.g. # char, you would expect to get filtered all tags containing # char in their name. This seems to be ignored as well as the other non alphanumeric chars typed into this edit.

screenshot of the problem

Would be possible to add this feature ?


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Here are the tag naming rules:

  • max of 25 chars
  • valid tag chars are a-z 0-9 # + - .
  • we automatically convert _ to - wherever we see it
  • tags can't start with - or #
  • tags can't end with - or .
  • "+" is only valid at the end of a tag

Users can search for c# or c+ but since tag name cannot start with # and +, so searching for just a # in tags tab will not be useful.

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