I was editing a question, and momentarily thought about tagging it as an undocumented "feature". I saw this in the tag dropdown:

Bug tag counts

So, is a valid tag with a legit-looking excerpt and hundreds of questions, right?

Except I vaguely remember a jihad against , here on Meta, so I clicked on the "learn more" link, and saw this:

bug count

The other tags (, , etc.) have counts that match or seem accurate to within an hour or so.

I searched Meta for indications that was being purged, but searches for "bug" don't work so well. ;-)   (One reason why having the tag would be useful.)


  1. Did 267 questions get retagged or deleted in just an hour or two (or even a day)? And this is just a query/display delay?
  2. Or is this a query/display bug?
  3. Is there a purge on this tag, and if so where's the Meta post?
  4. Can we get a tag wiki that sticks for zero-count tags. So that a "Do not use this tag" message can be preserved?

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Fixed; 'twas a glitch when the target tag didn't actually exist; bug used to be a synonym of bugs. I've deleted the synonym as part of my investigation, but I've fixed the underlying problem too.


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