Within the review tool, there is a progress display which looks like this (for me, today)

enter image description here

So that you can see what kinds of numbers are (presumably) being used to compute the progress, here's what comes up when I hover over this progress bar:

enter image description here

I have two questions:

1: What does this hashmark represent, circled here free-hand:

enter image description here

2: The progress bar seems to represent some kind of "total progress", where when at 100% the entire bar will be filled. Within that there is also a hash mark, #1 above, but what is the total area representing? The total area I'm talking about is bracketed here:

enter image description here


For #1, you're right:

Does the little vertical bar represent 250/Reviewer? –Popular Demand

Yes, it does - good eye –Geoff Dalgas♦

(I know that looks self-promotional, but I only remembered that reference at all because I was part of it.)

For #2, you're slightly overthinking the awesomeness of the graph. That bar represents your progress towards Steward — the gold cousin of Custodian and Reviewer — regardless of how much progress you've made. Compare that to the top area of the dropdown, which always shows your progress towards the next member of that family.

progress bar 2 is the portion of progress bar 1 from the start to the vertical bar

Finally, the bottom part of the dropdown just has some bonus info about other badges.

  • Aha! I think I get it now. – John Dibling Nov 29 '12 at 20:14

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