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Login process incompatible with Adblock Plus

When I go to log in and choose "Login with Stack Exchange", I get the loading GIF image, but it never makes it through to the next page (or the content isn't loaded, or whatever. I can't remember how it's laid out).

Login with Facebook works fine.

It appears to be an issue with the iframe that loads the login box, as I can get to the login box just fine when I request the same src from the iframe in a separate browser window.


  • Browser: Chrome v23
  • Works correctly in other browsers.
  • Clearing cache doesn't help
  • If I manually enter the OpenID URL and log in, then log back out, then try to log in again, it works, because it doesn't need to prompt me for credentials the second time. I assume this means that the authentication information is stored in session, which scares me a little.

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Most likely you use Adblock Plus. If this is the case, see Login process incompatible with Adblock Plus for more details.

  • Man, you "saved" me today! Thank you very much. I'm having Adblock at my Firefox and Google Chrome and I could not login untill I've disabled it! After successfull login I've put it back and now I'm happy!
    – Xentatt
    Dec 2, 2012 at 13:01

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