I have a problem on SE in finding a question (and valuable answers) that has been listed on the "Featured" tab for some days. Now it's disappeared from this tab, presumably because bounty period is over, and I'm trying to find it by tag, but this gives too many irrelevant questions, so I gave up.

The question: is it possible to search (filter) questions that currently have, or ever have had a bounty?


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You can use a query on data.stackexchange.com like this to find all bounties started on a site.

This query works for any Stack Exchange site, just choose the "Switch sites" option (this example uses SE Meta). The first four columns show information about the question, the last five show information about the bounty. The bounties are listed in order of their creation, from most recent to oldest. This does not show whether the bounty has ended or what it was awarded to.

Note that the dump used by data.stackexchange.com can be several days old, so the listing may miss some of the most recent bounties.

  • Really cool and useful.
    – Stan
    Commented Mar 27, 2017 at 7:36

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