When I see the red "new inbox items" indicator in the MultiCollider, I tend to check them out pretty quickly. When I see the blue "new notifications" indicator, I sometimes decide to hold off/save them for later. As a result, I often have some unread notifications hanging around when I visit my inbox.

Most of the time, but not always, checking and closing my inbox removes all indicators from the MultiCollider, even if I have unread notifications. I think I should still see a blue circle, but I actually see the SE logo.

This happens for me on multiple recent versions of Firefox, both at work and at home.

(This is similar to Can we get an option to stop the global inbox from marking everything as read? but that one is about opening the inbox removing the inbox indicator, whereas this one is about finishing a visit to the inbox removing the inbox and notification indicators.)

Actually, merely checking the inbox isn't enough to destroy notification indicators. If I open the inbox and then visit a post that's related to an inbox post, I still see the blue circle, as expected. It's only after I return to the original tab and close the MultiCollider pop-out that the indicator disappears. I haven't used Fiddler or anything to see exactly why, but I'd be happy to do so if someone would explain how. I've updated my wording elsewhere in this post accordingly.

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