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Review-beta: Obviously good answer in low-quality

Recently I reviewed one low quality post which has few upvotes and also it is accepted answer. I believe it should not be flagged as low quality posts. I have gone through this question which describes how bad answers are being detected.

Sometimes some one liner answers works magically and also accepted (not able to find such case but may be). I believe those answers should be excluded from low quality posts.

Please suggest what should be done, excluded or not?


I've said this somewhere before, but it's always better to have false positives than to miss out on truly low-quality posts. The problem is, there are accepted answers which are low-quality and deserve to be deleted. Adding these exclusions would only make it that much easier for users to slip through the cracks.

As for your specific example, that was only a review audit meant to make sure you're paying attention.


You cannot exclude one-line answers from the low quality review queue because the system cannot determine the quality of the answer, only the length. It takes a human to determine the quality.

This applies even if the answer is accepted, or the author has a high rep (I have seen bad one line answers from high rep users - some are current, some from the days when they were a low rep user).

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    @Jennis There is no requirement to accept any particular answer. Some of the other guys round here may have some more valuable input than me, just wait and see if they drop by. – slugster Dec 6 '12 at 11:36

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