I was just browsing through some of my questions looking at the ones that have more than 1,000 views on them, which get abbreviated to 1 kviews in the list. The problem I'm having is the tooltip functionality to see the exact number is somewhat irritating. The tooltip only works if you hover over the actual number 1, which is quite a small area.

Current Tooltip Area

Why doesn't the tooltip cover the entire box instead, providing a larger area for users to hover over in order to get the exact number of views? Basically, put the title on div.views instead, or maybe even on div.mini-counts.

Proposed Tooltip Area Alternate Proposed Tooltip Area

Or, if that's not a viable option, change the CSS for that span so that it expands to fill the area of its parent div.mini-counts box (what I'm currently using in custom CSS).

.mini-counts span { display: block }

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