(I don’t quite know whether this is a bug or a feature, but I’ll be charitable and mark it as a for now. Please feel free to retag to if you decide otherwise.)

In the Delete tab under the Tools page, posts that you cannot yourself delete (or undelete) are shown greyed out, for such reasons as:

  • The posting is locked.
  • It was deleted by a moderator.
  • You’re 10k only but it’s an answer not a question.
  • The answer has previous delete votes, but is currently non-negative. (Sometimes this is because of the new Review queue allowing delete votes at 0, but it may also simply have been upvoted since the delete vote was cast.)
  • The question has been undeleted, but is no longer closed so is not a candidate for deletion.

In other words, the greyed-out style means you cannot cast a delete-vote on it. This is useful and meaningful, and it saves you time.

However, it does not grey it out if you cannot cast a delete/undelete vote because you have yourself already done so. This wastes a lot of time needlessly running through the delete/undelete dialogue.

I propose that it be changed so that if you have already voted to delete (or undelete, where appropriate), it greys out that post to alert you not to bother going through the dialogue again.

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