The more I use Stack Exchange, the more it is getting a knowledge-base for me.

All questions, that I need for later reference I mark as favorite. Now I need to store these pages locally on my laptop.

It is really time-consuming:

  • I could use Ctrl+S on each favorite question page

on Linux:
there could be a solution with

wget -N -r -l 1 "https://stackoverflow.com/users/1069083/rubo77?tab=favorites"

this will download all favorite questions but it creates no correct index.html

Another approach would be to use the Stack Exchange -accounts-tab to automatically follow into all your Stack Exchange-accounts.
But that would have to be somehow limited to only favorites links on your favorites-tab in each stack.

You would need a firefox-plugin that downloads links recursively but only within the favorite-area of the favorites page in your stack

Additionally, I would like to Download all my activity in a browsable form and Mirror all Stack Exchange pages where you were active

  • have you considered using pocket or some similar service? – cregox Aug 4 '14 at 14:00

There is a data.SE query which provides a CSV export of favorites:


And there's a Stack App which provides a single page view of all Stack Overflow favorites:

OBSOLETE - Stack Favorites: A basic organizer of your Stack Overflow favorites

  • That app 'Stack Favorites' doesn't offer an offlline storage, it only manages the links to the favorites, but not the content of the pages – rubo77 Nov 19 '15 at 10:48
  • And the query only offers an export to one site, for example only "StackOverflow" it is no solution to download all favorites from all sites – rubo77 Nov 19 '15 at 10:51

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