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I tried to find the minimum reputation required to chat with a person, As want to chat with a person having 6 reputation in all. I know it's a minimum requirement, But don't know what is that. Help?

Also I suggest that to be around 6 as many user got stuck in those first question and the need a discussion on that, but the can't actually, due to this reputation requisite.

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It is 20 points for all sites.

To find out how many points are required for any privilege, visit the sites' /privileges page. You can reach it from the dropdown next to your name in the top bar.

privileges link in dropdown

20 points is really low, I don't see any need to have that lowered any further. From the privilege page:

We can't allow anonymous participation on chat, so we require a small bit of parent site reputation to ensure that chat is reserved for active, engaged members of the community.

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