At my first login to unix.stackexchange.com I noticed the following behaviour:

I came to the MySQL / swap space full page page from Google. As I noticed this to be a Stack Exchange site, I clicked ‘log in’ to vote up the question. After logging in with Stack Exchange OpenID provider, I got the question: Do you wish to share your information with unix.stackexchange.com? I said ‘Confirm’, but then I got redirected to the start page https://unix.stackexchange.com/, not back to the article as, IMHO, it should work.

The browser was Firefox 17.0.1.

The workaround is to go back using the browser history (you stay logged in then), but, IMHO, it’s a minor bug anyhow.


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If you leave the site during login the returnurl is lost and you'll end up on the "default" page from /users/login (which is just /).

For the Stack Exchange OpenId, if you use the embedded form you should be fine (just tested it):

enter image description here
Visit a page not logged in (the link at the bottom and the top are the same)

enter image description here
Click the Stack Exchange button (some extensions and browser settings break this, vanilla browsers should all work)

enter image description here
Log in

enter image description here
Bam, back on the question page

I also did the same flow with a new account (that requires a first-time confirmation), same behavior but with an extra "please confirm" page after "Sign In". Forgot to screen grab it.

The TL;DR, if you land on /users/login with a returnurl set we do send you back to the previous page after login. If you somehow lose returnurl, then we send you to the home page by-design.

  • So are you saying it's by design that anyone who's logging into a new stackexchange site for the first time should loose their returnurl during the login process? I agree with OP, it feels like a bug. User lands on answer from a new SE site, attempts to vote, prompted to login, logs in, prompted to confirm, confirms, sent to home page. Then clicks back until he's on the question, still not logged in!
    – fpsColton
    Nov 27, 2014 at 1:08

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