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Winter Bash hats delay

I think I qualify for some hats which have not yet been rewarded. Are hats supposed to come instantaneously upon qualification, or is there a certain time when your hats are re-evaluated?


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Most hats are awarded instantaneously. Check every 5-30 minutes, as some scripts run less frequently than others. In my experience, the meta-to-main hats are on the longest delay.


Take a look here and here.

Robert Harvey said 5 to 10 minutes per hat for him. I have noticed that it sometimes takes 30 minutes for me but that may be caching.


The hat script (close relative to the badge script), is not instantaneous as you have noticed. It takes 5-10 minute to show up. By the time you are finished reading this you'll probably already have your new head-gear*.

***** head-gear does not necessarily have to go on your head

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