From time to time I do some editing of tags. Most often in the PHP domain, like for example cleaning up the (most often) superfluous .

What I would like to know if there are some tools and if it is accepted to use them to do some legwork, for example:

For questions that have the tags , and remove the tag

What do you think if such a tools does not exist, and one would write some script that can be used for such jobs via the API?

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Once, I wanted to clean up lots of questions (meta: Cleaning the Prototype tag).
For this purpose, I made the following script: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/121541, where you can find out what the tool does:

Tag overview

By default, a confirmation dialog appears when attempting to submit a tag edit. By default, the question summaries at the tag overview page (containing questions) of an ambiguous tag will not expand.

A button is added at the upperleft corner of a question overview page. This button can be used to open multiple questions at once, without having to click at the separate links.

Question page

At a question page, some buttons will show up. It's possible to retag the questions by clicking once at the button.

Anything which was prefixed by "By default" can be customised by editing variables at the source code. At all times, the page adjustments can be toggled by pressing SHIFT + ESC

Emphasis: Do not just retag the questions, also fix other problems in the post when possible!

  • About your remark: Yes, I most often do that if I spot such issues. The "Thanks in Advance" / "With Respect" / "Regards, Name" for example . But sometimes it's just about burning down the tags when not needed as there is nothing else to clean up.
    – hakre
    Dec 20, 2012 at 9:43

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