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How does the User Card popup work?
What’s with the drop-shadow on certain gravatars?

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As you can see there is a small projection for some pictures and not all. On what basis is the distinction made by SO? I thought it could be a matter of normal profile picture vs auto-generated (identicons), but no as you can see in the markings I have made in the picture embedded. I'm just curious...

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    If you hover over the "3d" ones, you'll see a mini user card pop-up showing some of their profile information. This is available (and enabled by default) for users with at least 1000 reputation.
    – Jeremy
    Dec 21, 2012 at 21:24
  • @JeremyBanks thanks for the correct link. Its hard to search without knowing the key words. Voting myself to close this thread
    – nawfal
    Dec 21, 2012 at 21:25

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See https://meta.stackoverflow.com/privileges/established-user (privilege earned at 1k rep). Specifically:

How do people see an expanded usercard?

When anyone is viewing your usercard on a question, an answer, or on the users list, they may hover over your avatar to produce an expanded usercard that contains extra information. This is also known as a hover card.

Comparison of normal usercard and expanded usercard

An expanded usercard is only available if you have have at least 28 characters in their "About Me" section of their profile. You can tell if your profile is long enough to show an expanded usercard if there is a drop shadow effect shown on your avatar.

Image of drop shadow versus normal

What information is shown on the expanded usercard?

Your expanded usercard will show the following information:

  • A larger resolution of your avatar
  • Your display name linked to your profile
  • Your reputation and badges
  • Your Location, if you have entered one on your profile
  • A link to your Website, if you have entered one on your profile
  • Your About Me section. Up to the first 298 characters will be displayed as the meat of your expanded usercard. HTML links and linebreaks/paragraphs will be rendered, but not formatting such as bold.
  • Any additional HTML links will be displayed and linked at the bottom of the expanded usercard. This does not repeat any links that are already shown in the previous part.
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