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I am going for the world's record for questions asked on Stack Overflow (just kidding).

However, I have run into the limits on numerous occasions: 6 questions in a 24-hour period; 50 questions in a 30-day period. At that point (such as right now), I have to resort to other options, such as the msdn forums - which are fine, but not as fine, IMO, as Stack Overflow.

I am currently working seven days a week on projects involving new or new-to-me (at least relatively) technologies, including but probably not limited to: Windows Store Apps, Windows Phone 8 apps, SQLite, SQLite-net, SQL CE, Azure/WAMS, Json.Net, Bing Maps, and WinRT-XAML.

So...can I look forward to some point (reputation score or some such) where these limitations will be lifted or liberalized?

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