The following line of Markdown isn't rendered the way I expect:

Press the <kbd>`</kbd> key then type ``foo bar baz``.

The actual HTML being rendered omits the <kbd> tags:

Press the  ` key then type <code>foo bar baz</code>.

However, what I want is the following HTML:

Press the <kbd>`</kbd> key then type <code>foo bar baz</code>.

I've tried various combinations of escaping the backtick and using <code> instead of `, to no avail. How do I get the effect I want?

(The post in question is over here.)


The post you linked isn't formatted properly as HTML:

Press  <kbd>`<kbd> to open the console, click on the NPC, and type <code>SetEssential 0</code>.

Notice the lack of / in the closing tag.

The Markdown processor works as expected:

Press the ` key then type foo bar baz.

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    (and then you can slash-escape the first backtick to avoid having to use <code></code>) – Tim Stone Dec 29 '12 at 1:02
  • Well, that was embarrassing. Can I blame the egg nog? Is it too late to blame egg nog? – Brant Dec 29 '12 at 1:08

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