Would it be possible to add a Search / Filter option to the response list in the Responses profile tab? More and more frequently, I find myself wanting to go back to a comment exchange, but if it is more than a couple of days in the past it becomes increasingly difficult to locate. This is especially true if I can't even remember with whom I had the comment exchange, and the list just keeps getting longer...

Specifically, my need has been to filter comments rather than revisions or answers; I'm not sure if others would find it broadly applicable over everything in the Responses tab since the regular search already offers the ability to search answers by user.

I can imagine it being useful to quickly comments by username or text content:

Response/Comment search filter

Or star/favorite them in my list...

Failing this, what about simple functionality to favorite/star a response in one's own Responses list? This question on favoriting comments did not find much agreement, but it relates to marking comments as favorites anywhere rather than just among one's own responses.

One of my primary reasons for going back in my Responses history is for circumstances when I have tried to remind myself to revisit a comment I didn't have time to deal with when I first encountered it. If I could visit my Responses tab to star/favorite it, I would be able, at least, to easily locate it later.

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    Yeah, I actually end up using Data Explorer to search for comments if they're sufficiently old. Would be super nice if that was more convenient.
    – Tim Stone
    Dec 31 '12 at 18:32
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    I wouldn't expect this one soon, it's fairly expensive on the database as-is, would be much more-so filtering on character columns. Dec 31 '12 at 18:41

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