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On Decmber 27th I hit the rep cap and any further upvotes were not counted:

After I hit the cap I was serially downvoted, but yet any further votes for me were still not counted.

On the 28th, the serial upvoting was reversed, but I still "lost" the rep cap from the 27th, and the 60 upvote re, which should have basically nullified (in and of itself) the downvoting.

What happened? Have I stumbled upon a ?


Here is a full breakdown of your reputation history, as I see it on your profile:

Full breakdown

All of these numbers add up to +233. I can't account for the other 2 reputation, nor can I verify that those are actually all the downvotes that got reversed, but it does appear you are still rep-capped for that day. There is no more reputation to give to you.

Keep in mind that those votes may have been giving you reputation. But when serially voting gets reversed, the day affected by it is completely recalculated to make sure you get all the reputation you deserved (and didn't deserve).

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