I just had this edited question come up for review


It looks like the editor made a small change and added a question of his own. But he also removed the system message that the question was closed as a duplicate.

This is seen in the revision history here


but is not visible in the edit review. So, of course, the edit was approved!

I propose that all edits to a post are shown in the edit review. :-)

Apparently all proposed edits are shown, but in that case the approved edit is all that should be applied to the post and nothing more.

I now see that this is somewhat similar to earlier "Who did the edit?" questions, where some edits show up on the wrong user.


The edit suggestion was made before the question was closed:

  • Suggested edit: 2013-01-03 17:26:02Z
  • Question closed: 2013-01-03 17:26:25Z

In other words, the suggestion was made without the automated "Question closed" message present in the post.

The real problem, then, is that the Community edit should either have cancelled that suggested edit, or should have altered (base for) the suggested edit as well.

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    Ah, I do most of my visits here on an iPad and miss out on the mouse-over effects. (Should consider another feature-request on that :-). – Bo Persson Jan 3 '13 at 18:37

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