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Expand tooltip hover area for questions with >1,000 views

On a profile under the questions tab when a user hovers over the rounded number of views it shows the exact number of views that a question has had. However hovering over "kviews" does not show the exact number of views:

enter image description here

I realize that not all browsers treat the title attribute the same. In that they do not all show a tooltip when it present. However, in the browsers that do not having a tooltip present when hovering over "kviews" feels inconsistent.

It seems that the title attribute could be added or moved to solve this issue:

  • adding a title attribute to the "kviews" container would mean that hovering of either would show the number.
  • moving the attribute to the container div that both "kviews" and the associated number share would show the exact number of views anywhere around the views area.

I will let others figure out which is the more preferable option.

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