Add another useful example-query to the search-option page:

an explanation on how to combine searches for specific tags (OR'ing tags).

The whole thing is discussed here on MSO,

Search [tag1] OR [tag2]

but the search-options page does not explain how to do this, but it should. (Instead it explains much more complex and weirder queries)

Add one more line here:

to specific tags

[tag] apples oranges
[tag] [another-tag] apples oranges

> [tag] [OR] [another-tag] apples oranges

...assuming the line is correct.. maybe you cannot add any other search terms when you have used the [OR] operator with [tags]

  • The thing is, that [tag1] [or] [tag2] syntax isn't supposed to work to begin with. But I'm not sure how the in-progress changes to search impact the support for that functionality.
    – Tim Stone
    Jan 4, 2013 at 14:02
  • Recently I had to issue more complex tag-searches. I just encounted a situation where I have to combine [Screen-scraping] [OR] [web-scraping]. What I really want to do is ([Screen-scraping] [OR] [web-scraping]) AND [perl], and to this I'd like to add even more search terms.
    – knb
    Jan 4, 2013 at 14:58


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