Under the new elasticsearch, if you run a search where there will be html code listings included with the result snippets, instead of HTMLEncode()ing the angle brackets (<, >) that should be included, these characters are simply not shown at all.

Here's an example result:

Missing Angle Brackets example

Note the % % in the requisite free-hand circle. That should look like this: <% %>.


This was fixed the day after posting but I forgot to update this question, enjoy the long-ago bugfix!


It works correctly in the title. The issue is occurring only in the answer excerpt:

enter image description here

The same thing occurs with question excerpts, unsurprisingly.

Another, probably related bug

That second query exposes a second bug: the hyperlinked title of the first result is broken and unclickable:

Broken hyperlink

Looks like improper escaping.

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    The escaping bug was a different thing, but fixed in the last deploy...thanks for the report. I'll be looking into the angle brackets later today, I suspect we may be indexing without them...will update when I find the cause and see what we can fix. – Nick Craver Jan 5 '13 at 12:49

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