While messing around with the tag system, I noticed that multiple Umlaute (öäü) are replaced with only a single instance of their counterpart.


[vööörg] becomes [vorg]
[füür] becomes [fur]


  • Got the favorite tags field
  • Enter "vööörg"
  • Hit "Add"
  • The tag "vorg" has been added to your list

Additionally, there's no validation of an entered tag in the "Tags" line of a question if you click onto another tag.


  • Start or edit a question
  • Add at least one valid tag in the tags list
  • Enter [vööörg]
  • Do not press space after the "g" but instead click on the valid tag left of it
  • The tag [vööörg] is now in the list
  • Hitting "Submit" now will break the tags into: [support] [v] and [rg]

Is that by design?

  • 7
    Sounds like someone used regex, two problems, etc.
    – Ben Brocka
    Jan 9, 2013 at 16:19

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Those are actually two totally independent bugs. But they're both fixed in the next build. Thanks!

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