Many askers set the or tag without the tag.

I usually retag them adding or using <!-- language: lang-php --> for specific part but I don't think this is the best way to do.

Can questions with these tags also be automatically colorized with PHP's syntax highlighting?


seems to have the default language hint already, so code should still highlight somewhat.

That said, I've changed it to PHP and added the same hint to .

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    Ahh! My favorite Unicorn! You made my day again, Thank you! – Hugo Dozois Apr 14 '13 at 19:43

I really agree with this! I've stumbled on few Symfony question today and had to edit them in order to make them readable.

I didn't want to retag the question to PHP since the question was really about Symfony precisely and that tagging superset is discouraged.

It's kind of annoying to read code without coloration, and kind of useless to edit all the posts on a question just to get coloration!

It could be done at the same time to some other big PHP framework like (be free to edit to add some)

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