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A new search engine for Stack Exchange

It seems that recently with the gravatar update functionality related to site formatting after performing a search was altered. After performing a search if you don't use a tag (for example search rpm, instead of [rpm]) the votes, answers and views no longer exist, as well as the highlighted question background, and the user's icon. Instead it's just A:(0 votes) and then what appears to be a random snippet from the question/answer.

Is this behavior intended? I've duplicated it on multiple networks, IE, Chrome, and Firefox, as well as Fedora 17, Chrome OS, and Windows 7. This format makes it far more difficult to review the status of the questions. In addition when I inspect the element I'm not even seeing the "statscontainer" div class when performing the search for rpm as opposed to [rpm]. Is this just some sort of functionality change that I overlooked that was intended? If so, can we please have an explanation as to why this change took place, and perhaps an option to go back to the old format?

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