The badge page has this description for the Research Assistant badge:

edited 50 tag wikis

It does not mention that editing excerpts does not count. This is just unfair. Please update the documentation.

I think this statement should be longer, documenting that excerpts do not count. I agree this is explained on Meta, but Meta should not be the primary place for getting documentation, or, if so, misleading documentation should be removed from other places.

The badge tab is the primary means for Stack Overflow users to get information about badges.And this tab contains misleading information that 50 wiki tags edits (= edits of any kind) are sufficient to obtain the badge. Explanations that "can be found somewhere else" are out of scope of this question.

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  • The badge FAQ does list that requirement. What FAQ are you referring to? – Mat Jan 12 '13 at 9:49
  • From that FAQ: "Edits to tag wiki excerpts do not count" – Bart Jan 12 '13 at 9:53
  • @Bart where do you see this? Most likely, we are talking about different FAQs. – h22 Jan 12 '13 at 10:23
  • @Mat, you link to the ordinary Meta Stack Overflow question and not to FAQ. I have just edited my question by adding direct link to the problematic FAQ. – h22 Jan 12 '13 at 10:25
  • 1
    @AudriusMeŇ°kauskas From the FAQ linked by Mat. Not the "FAQ" you've just edited into your question. Note: Meta questions with the red FAQ tag are also referred to as (Community) FAQs – Bart Jan 12 '13 at 10:26
  • @Audrius: I made a rather intrusive edit to your question to remove the term FAQ when you talk about the main badge page, it was really confusing to me. Also I can't see this as a bug, the description is (pedantically) accurate: it doesn't say "50 tag wiki or tag wiki excerpt edits", it says "50 tag wiki edits". So changed to feature request (to update the badge page). – Mat Jan 12 '13 at 10:39
  • Thanks, it looks better and more obvious now. – h22 Jan 12 '13 at 11:33

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