This question is very similar to What do I do when an answer solves my problem but doesn't answer my question? but slightly different.

In this case, I've arrived to How to set Ant properties based on variables in Eclipse? through a Google search. One of the answers solves my problem, but hasn't addressed the question that was initially raised.

Do I upvote the answer that helped me, even though it's already been pointed out that the answer wasn't helpful to the person asking? Is there something else I should do also/instead?

I don't currently have enough reputation to post a comment myself.


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If an answer helps you solve your question, You are perfectly justified in leaving an up-vote even if it doesn't necessarily address the OP's question.

One of the goals of answers on this site is for answers to help future visitors, which that one apparently did. and up-vote is perfectly fine.

If you're feeling particularly generous and really want to reward the answerer, than you can also leave a bounty if you so choose, but most people are happy to receive what up-votes they get.

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