I was able to change my name on all Stack Exchange sites, but not on the main profile at http://stackexchange.com itself.

Is there a ways to do the change on http://stackexchange.com as well?

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The central Stack Exchange profile is synchronized with your oldest profile; it'll update automatically.

So, since your first ever Stack Exchange profile was created on Stack Overflow, that's the profile it'll synchronize with.

You can force a manual sync by clicking on the Sync with oldest profile link on the right-hand side of your network profile page:

sync link

That's right underneath the "About Me" section on the right-hand side (empty in your case).

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    This worked great for me! Commented Apr 30, 2014 at 16:03

Same problem still exists today at the time of writing this.

  1. On your Network Profile page, click Update profile info

    Update profile info

  2. Select whichever profile you want it to be in sync and hit copy

    enter image description here

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