I asked a question PHP & SQL Server - field names truncated a little while ago and even put a bounty on it. I received an answer that was upvoted quite a bit but I didn't have a chance at the time to confirm it. I accepted the answer and gave the user the bounty.

Today, I did some testing to verify the answer and found that it's not correct in my particular situation.

I considered removing my acceptance to the answer and editing the question to add additional information, but I am afraid that users may be misled into thinking that the question has been answered since the bounty has been awarded. I have added a comment to the accepted answer for now.

How do I re-ask this question to solicit for more correct answers?

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    Meh. Just unaccept and leave a polite comment explaining why. – Pekka Jan 15 '13 at 21:29


  1. unaccept the answer
  2. leave a comment to let the answerer know that it didn't work
  3. maybe edit something into the question on why that approach didn't work and results
  4. then set a new bounty on the question and pray.

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