As mentioned in the FAQ of Stack Overflow, asking about favorites, advice or discussions is undesired on Stack Overflow.

So where should I ask these questions? I think that it is interesting and helpful to discuss frequently asked questions or hand out advice in common issues even if there is no certain correct answer.


Find out if there is a non-discussion question at the core.

Don't ask "What is the best foo?", maybe "Why is a foo used and what should I consider when choosing?" is the better question.

Note that this is not just a cosmetic change, it will mean that you don't get the same "answers". But it will also mean that the answers are still relevant when a new foo is released 2 years down the road.

This also helps avoid a big "subjective" aspect: the answers can simply list common criteria (people tend to agree on those) and the actual priorities of those criteria is up to every single person to decide (because this is where peoples opinions tend to separate).

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