How to delete comment if it seems rude? If someone talks rudely on comments, how to delete that comment?

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In your case, as sth says, you probably cannot flag comments because you don't have 15 reputation yet.

However, if you did and couldn't see the flag icon, there are two common reasons:

Your mouse pointer has to be over the comment to see the flag icon.

A comment, with the mouse pointer not over it, is not highlighted.

A comment, with the mouse pointer over it, is highlighted, showing the flag and upvote icons.

A comment, with the mouse pointer over the flag icon, which illuminates and shows a tooltip explaining that this is to "flag this comment as unconstructive, offensive, of spam" (this is also for good but obsolete comments, though)

The dialog that appears when you click the flag icon on a comment.

That comment should not actually be flagged; this is just an example.

For a mobile/tablet device with no mouse, tap the comment.

When there is no mouse and you use a touch-only interface, tap the comment (anywhere) to make the flag and upvote icons appear. Then they can themselves be tapped.

And there is a third, less common reason.

The comment you want to flag has been upvoted, by you.

Comment I upvoted, with no flag icon visible to me.

After you've upvoted a comment (unless you removed the upvote, which can only happen right afterwards), you cannot flag it.

If for some reason you upvoted a comment that you now realize is rude/offensive, off-topic/unconstructive, too chatty, or (more likely) has become obsolete, the workaround is to flag the post itself (with a custom flag) and explain the situation.

Flagging a post with a custom mod attention flag explaining that a particular comment should be removed now.

(If there's more than one comment to flag, one flag on the post is still enough--you can explain it all there.)

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If you have at least a reputation of 15 on the site, you can flags comments as offensive. If other people or a moderator agree the comment will be deleted.

To flag a comment, there should be a small flag symbol visible to the left of the comment when you hover over the comment with the mouse.

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In 2018, two things have changed:

  1. Comment flags are more visible, you don't need to hover over the comment to show them.

enter image description here

  1. Under some circumstances, you don't need 15 reputation to flag abusive comments anymore. In particular, users can always flag comments on their own posts (as 'abusive' or 'in need of moderator invention', the other options still require 15 reputation).

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