When you do a search in chat, the punctuation is removed. For example, searching T.E.D. gives me everyone with /ted/i, but it doesn't catch the one user named T.E.D..

The same thing goes for searching F'x to find F'x. Or searching J.M. to find J.M..

The context of this is that I was looking for T.E.D. (new mod) so that I could fix his chat profile so that it is recognized by the TL bot. I couldn't find him, no matter what I searched -- finally I searched "D", sorted by reputation, found the pages where his approximate total rep would fit (unfortunately, chat rep != flair rep, and I didn't want to jQuery-calculate it), and looked through a bunch of them. I really shouldn't have to do this.

It occurs to me that if Link to chat user from profile page was implemented, this would be pretty much a non-issue. < /plug >

  • Hm, as phrased, this seems like a duplicate of your earlier feature request, perhaps this makes more sense as a bug report (one possible solution to which might be your earlier feature request)?
    – yannis
    Jan 30, 2013 at 8:30
  • @Yannis: You're right, it's more of a bug. Note that while solving the other issue makes this pretty a non-issue (as in, it doesn't matter as you still have an easy pathway), the fact remains that the chat search doesn't like punctuation, which still isn't a good thing. Jan 30, 2013 at 8:36

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This fix required a change to how user names are normalized; I missed the user name search when making this change. Fixed now.

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