For some time now on SO's review page it has said there is 1 Late Answer and 1 Low Quality post needing review even though there isn't any.

review count

This image is a lie.

  • The items in these queues QUICKLY disappear. After a moment this should have gone down to 0 after a refresh.
  • It says 1 even though when I attempt to review the item it continues saying there is nothing to review.
  • I have the queue open in one tab and the main review page open in another tab while I ctrl+F5 both pages constantly.

Something isn't right...

Update: Now it is stuck at 2 and 1. It had said 3 for Late Answers, it allowed me to review one and then it said "no items to review" however it says there are still 2.


This is fixed now.

Review audits are randomly created on the fly, but if a person abandons an audit (e.g. closes the tab), then it hangs around in the database for the next unlucky person. A recent bug caused these abandoned audits to be included in the overall counts.

  • Zombie attack!! – Shadow9 Jan 31 '13 at 18:15

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