Are there any sites on the Stack Exchange Network where questions about time management are considered relevant? (I'm referring to time management in the general sense of the term: keeping track of deadlines, staying focused on work, etc.)

There is a Stack Exchange site (in beta) called Project Management, but most of the questions on that site appear to be about software project management. Are questions about non-software-related project management considered relevant on this site, or should they be posted elsewhere?


Personal time management would be on topic on Personal Productivity.

Project Management does accept and encourage questions about non-software project management, but they are generally expected to be in a professional context.

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  • Personal Productivity seems not to exist now. Was it superceded by something? – Travis Well Jun 4 at 20:45
  • @TravisWell Not that I can think of. – Adam Lear Jun 5 at 16:39

I've found the most relevant site: it's called productivity.stackexchange.com.

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