The helps "clean the other tags" from more basic question traffic as well as creating a safe hub for new people and allows them an easier integration into the Stack Overflow community.


There is absolutely no reason for this, as discussed in the many previous discussions on the homework tag and its removal.

The principle is simple: Ask a good question. And a "good question" does not mean a "difficult question". Or "not a beginner question". It simply means that all we ask from a user is to do their own research first (including a good search of the site), formulate their question clearly, show us what they have tried so far and where they are stuck. You can meet those requirements at any level.

As such, there is no need for a tag to indicate any level of experience or the special circumstances under which the work is being performed. (As a part of their homework for example).

Yes, asking a good question is hard. And maybe there is a correlation between poor question asking ability and those working on homework. But I see no unfair handling of beginner questions by the community if the user demonstrates a reasonable amount of effort.

So in summary I see no reason to keep a homework tag or replace it by something else.

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    As much as I appreciate the acceptance of an answer, are you accepting it because this totally answers your question or because you want to stop the discussion and downvotes? If it's the latter, stop worrying about downvotes. Meta rep doesn't mean a thing. You are free to accept (or not) whenever you want and can safely leave this open for a while should you wish to do so. My answer is just one view. Perhaps other users have a different view.
    – Bart
    Feb 3 '13 at 12:04

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