Whenever you pass a review audit of the five posts queues, you get one of that heart-warming messages, telling you how awesome you are for actually paying attention and not just clicking No Action Needed, Leave Open or Leave Closed just to increase your review count.

Being even more awesome for not clicking blindly approve when reviewing suggested edits, I'd expect the same for the new honeypot suggested edits.

However, that's not the case. After clicking RejectVandalismReject, the next suggested edit gets loaded as usual, leaving me without any notification whatsoever that the suggested edit I just reviewed was a fake one.

To make matters worse, these edit are apparently suggested by users that propose other (valid) edits and would (hopefully) never vandalize a post in such a manner.1

The first time I reviewed a honeypot edit, I went through the recent suggested edits of that user, only to find that the user hadn't attempted to vandalize any post before that occasion. I did that before rejecting the suggested edit, so I still had no idea what was going on. I came close to flagging the user claiming in a custom message that he was probably drunk, but refrained from it giving him the benefit of the doubt.2

Now, a couple of minutes ago, I found another edit just like the first one. I initially thought it was from the same user, but digging through my review history, I found out that it was from somebody else. When I finally found it, I knew at last what had been going on: Instead of Rejected, the review said Review audit passed.

This needs fixing. While I'm not comfortable at all with the fact that those honeypot edits are attributed to actual users, I guess it's necessary to prevent users from reviewing an edit based solely on who proposed it. But we need at least the "It was all a joke!" message after completing the review task.

1 All other review queues contain posts that were actually posted by those users. Those posts do not necessarily need an indicator that you just got audited.

2 More than once, I have brushed over the touchpad of my laptop with my palm, which made me type in another line or even another window. And that was sober!

  • Immediately after posting my question, I found Is there supposed to be feedback on edit-review audits?. Well, this is a feature request, so it may not be a duplicate. – Dennis Feb 4 '13 at 14:08
  • 2
    I like my warm fuzzy feelings... gimme audit-success feedback! As a side note, the suggested edit honeypots are hilarious. – J. Steen Feb 4 '13 at 14:25