The RSS feed items has the title of: question title - se site and it has from field username of original poster

When I subscribe to this RSS feed (using Thunderbird), all I see is a huge title and the username of the poster, and most of the time the se site part is trimmed.

This makes it very hard if I quickly want to scan through sites that looks interesting to me, and I want to ignore sites that are not of interest to me.

This is easy to do from a Stack Exchange site, through the top left corner Stack Exchange link, since the site name is separated on a different line.

  • Is it possible to have the from field say the se site instead of the username? (Since the username is of no interest to me in this situation, although it might break the standard.)

  • Is it possible to have the title formated in which the se site comes first before the question title? (The title would be se site - question title.)

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It turned out to be possible to use Yahoo Pipes to process the RSS feeds, and output exactly what I need.

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