I recently failed an edit (started with a comment, instead of downvoting first). It marked the audit as failed, and blocked me from reviewing for two days, saying that I had failed too many recent audits. the catch: I had just passed two audits, after not receiving audits while reviewing for weeks. This leads me to think that the audit counter may be off, or just bans reviews after just 1 failed audit.

I know this calls for support, but I am not sure if it is a bug or not. Is this by design, or am I the victim of a glitch?

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    Commenting counts as failing an audit? That doesn't sound...right
    – Ben Brocka
    Feb 14, 2013 at 17:41
  • @BenBrocka from test design perspective, review audits are suboptimal... softly speaking
    – gnat
    Feb 14, 2013 at 18:03
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    I placed a comment before downvoting, and it called me on it immediately, not allowing me to try to fix the post
    – Azulflame
    Feb 14, 2013 at 23:26
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    Wait, it keeps track of failed audits‽ I just failed one in SU because it was a trap with no possible way of not failing. If I knew that this was possible and that it records them, then I would not have bothered. In fact, I am no longer doing reviews at all. Why should I? In fact, the very idea that it audits even top-tier users is insulting.
    – Synetech
    Nov 29, 2013 at 17:21


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