In Stack Overflow I follow the tag of xpages. So the URL looks like this:


But in the page I can see only tabs of info, newest, faq, votes, active and unanswered, but not answered. Is there a way by which I can see all the questions with tag of xpages which have been answered i.e. answer for that question has been selected?


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[xpages] hasaccepted:yes this will show you all questions which has accepted answer.

[xpages] isaccepted:yes this will show you all answers which is accepted.

Also [xpages] is:answer score:1 this will show you all answers with at least one upvote. (As JonW suggested)

UPDATE: We can search now with OR keyword. So you can search like this:

[xpages] or [lotusscript] is:answer score:1


In the search box you may enter this:

[xpages] isaccepted:yes

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