I am making a video player and have very limited access to mobile devices for testing functionality. I would like to be able to post a link and ask people to test on particular devices and upload screenshots.

Is there an appropriate Stack Exchange site to do this on?

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As far as I am aware nowhere on the Stack Exchange Network. Your best bet is a forum or maybe some of your colleagues/friends/family. Alternative there might be some online sources available via Google.

This quick google brought up the following top 2 references:

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No. The Stack Exchange concept of Questions and Answers centers around archive quality -- the ability of content to stand the test of time and be relevant to the next visitor. Feedback on your current projects would quickly be out-dated. Mobile device renderings of your site aren't something that would end up in an encyclopedia, so they don't belong on Stack Exchange.

SE doesn't try to be a place for all the worlds questions, much less all the things they just generally want or need. It's a niche thing.

You can find a full list of sites in the SE network here. You may sort by category, then for any of them that interest you I suggest reading the /about and /faq pages for each as they will have specific details about what is and is not in scope for each site.

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